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The Brand

The Brand

Our mission is to network with the top percentile of discreet and exclusive women, in order to provide our customers with limited used panties collections that are worn by some of the sexiest women the world has to offer. 

Used Panties Shop strictly screens the women who wear our used panty collections to assure they meet our standards. Each used panty collection release is limited and when we sell out of a used panty collection, we do not re-stock with the same model, so there is always a new experience for you to enjoy.

We offer “connoisseurs” in the used panty market, used panty collections worn by women that others do not have access to, let alone have access to their used panties. We provide a classy, elegant, and unique experience for used panty lovers.

What our customers say about us

The used panties I ordered came in the mail today and I am really happy with my purchase. I went with black used panties worn for 24 hours and they did not disappoint!

I received the used panties I ordered today in the mail. The package arrived swiftly and it was discreet as described. I live with other people, so discretion is a must. Nothing but good things to say about Used Panties Shop.

This is hands down, the best company in the used panties market! The used panties offered are addicting and I will be ordering more in the future.

I ordered multiple used panties from the collections offered and all of them satisfied my fantasies. I could see the dried cum on the used panties and it only added to my arousal and pleasure knowing how wet the model was!

I have used other websites to order used panties in the past, but none like Used Panties Shop! Their website is modern, easy to navigate, and I keep scrolling through all of the sexy models offered, wanting to enjoy each of their used panties one by one. I love that the used panty collections offered are limited and exclusive.